Timofey Nastyukhin after won Eddie Alvarez gave a big interview

Timofey Nastyukhin after winning a knockout over former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez

Timofey Nastyukhin after winning a knockout over former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez on One FC gave a long interview in which he talked about the progress of the fight and the conversations around the fight.
Did you Feel that everyone around you thinks that you are a victim and they want to feed you to Alvarez?

Of course. I even knew it. But my whole professional career is built on this. Especially in this organization on One champion. The very first fight under Edward Falayang. I was brought to his house in his manila. In the Philippines, my fight was, oh, nobody there knew me at all to roll me under the asphalt. They did not succeed.
Now Eddie Alvarez. Also a champion of two organizations. There was a press conference where he said: “what I came here, I came behind this belt, I came to pick up this belt. He was already looking through me, but he didn’t have to do that. And he was looking behind my back and was absolutely absolutely relaxed I went to the battle so imposing, I moved confidently, did nothing, I expected a little more from him. And on the contrary, he began to move as it is convenient for me. And that’s all. He underestimated me very much.
When he struck me a few blows, I felt them taken over, I did not feel anything serious about these blows.
My corner Andrei Koshkin shouted it is not necessary to do it no need to fly be cool be more restrained. At this moment, after this exchange, I understood that it is possible to change with him, you can change with him, that you can safely go forward and not be afraid of anything. And so it happened a few blows caught him, hit him in the eye, he swam, swam went to the net and with his right hand I already kissed, he finally fell there and I just had to finish him.
To all those who are sincerely happy for me, I want to thank all of you for your support. This support was really felt in social networks and in general everywhere. To everyone who has been with me before and who has now joined after this fight, I want to express my gratitude.
Many people now write to me asking questions about who you are, where you are, who you are by nationality. There are a lot of people who write good things, and there are a lot of people who write bad things. They always remain they always we have.

Timofey Nastyukhin vs  Eddie Alvarez

Eddie Alvarez injured eye

You said that they write you bad. And what is bad they write?

You know, someone wrote that I even bought this fight. What money could I buy this fight for? Someone writes that this knocked down pilot was already knocked out many times already and he was killed there. Here they write to me. Mostly people write good and I am very happy about it.

And you said another national theme that they ask the perennial question who is in the nation?

“Yes, I come across this all my life. By faith, I am an Orthodox Christian, my father is a Russian mother, Kazakh. Born in Kazakhstan when the Soviet Union was still. When the Soviet Union fell apart it became hard to live, my father moved to Russia and moved the whole family to Siberia. And so I have been living in Siberia since 5-6 years.”

You said that you always go by such an underdog, they always underestimate you. I was one of your first fights that I saw. Maybe even your first fight that I saw was at the Berkut Grand Prix against Sait Akhmadza Akhmatova and won there in less than a minute.

“There are especially guys from Siberia and who did not go to me first told. Are you going to fight in Chechnya? It will be necessary to go fight with the Chechen. Some discouraged me. I decided that I would go. I went. After this fight, I was noticed by the Asian League One and offered me a fight under the same conditions to go to the Philippines and fight the Filipino. You know, I never chose opponents, did not refuse fights, whom the organization gives me, which I accept. So here they decided to put the first battle of Alvarez and set. I never refuse fights.”

You have for the first fight in One UFC, I saw in some interview, 4 + 4 you have a fee. How has it grown? Does this look like the numbers that guys are getting in the UFC now?

“Approximately who sign up for the first fights in the UFC. So I get somewhere like this.”

14 + 14?

“Yes somewhere in the area.”

You do not have all the battles recorded in Sherdog, as I understand it. There are on Wyrex, you had two fights there, very funny, each of which lasted less than a minute, but is busy. If only one fight. Why?

“I do not know, this is already the job of the manager. It was they who didn’t bring in there, and I didn’t climb into it.”

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