The Russian national volleyball team won the 1/8 finals at the European Championships

The Russian national volleyball team won the 1/8 finals at the European Championships

The Russian women’s team defeated Belgium in the 1/8 finals of the European Championship 2019. Girls go to Poland, where on September 4 they will hold a match in the quarterfinals. Our team in a not-so-simple match beat Belgium in four sets (25:22, 25:15, 21:25, 25:22). The match lasted 103 minutes.

The first two games were won quite confidently, but then I had to compete and suffer. Belgium, of course, was individually inferior to our team, but overplayed in some segments, took the third set and caused a lot of problems in the fourth. But Russia managed and goes further.

The composition of the Russian national women’s volleyball team
Tatyana Romanova (Year of birth: 1994, height – 178, Uralochka-NTMK)
Evgenia Startseva (Year of birth: 1989, height 185, Dynamo Kazan)
Forwards (diagonal and gamers)
Irina Voronkova (Year of birth: 1995, height – 190, Lokomotiv, Kaliningrad)
Natalia Goncharova (Year of birth: 1989, growth – 194, Dynamo, Moscow)
Anna Kotikova (Year of birth: 1999, height – 185, Dynamo Kazan)
Margarita Kurilo (Year of birth: 1993, height 185, Yenisei, Krasnoyarsk)
Ksenia Parubets (Year of birth: 1994, height – 183, Uralochka-NTMK)
Maria Khaletskaya (Year of birth: 1994, growth – 195, Dynamo Kr)
Tatyana Yurinskaya (Year of birth: 1996, height – 195, Zarechye-Odintsovo)
Ekaterina Efimova (Year of birth: 1993, height – 192, Dynamo M)
Irina Koroleva (Year of birth: 1991, growth – 196, Dynamo Kazan)
Angelina Lazarenko (Year of birth: 1998, height 193, Volero Le Cannet, France)
Irina Fetisova (Year of birth: 1994, height – 190, Dynamo M)
Alla Galkina (Year of birth: 1992, height – 178, Lokomotiv)
Kristina Kurnosova (Year of birth: 1997, height – 176, Zarechye-Odintsovo)
Daria Pilipenko (Year of birth: 1990, height – 177, Dynamo Metar)


y will play with the winner of the Italy-Slovakia match. The rival of the Russians will be determined later.

The captain of the volleyball Uralochka Ksenia Parubets scored 17 points in this match. She performed well in several key attacks, scoring important goals.

The European Championship is held in four cities – Bratislava, Ankara, Budapest and Lodz (Poland). 24 teams take part in the competition.

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