The hottest Russian volleyball players in February 2020

№6 Elena Tkacheva - sexy Volleyball player

Another half of the hottest volleyball players in the Russian women’s volleyball league. It included both professional athletes and girls from youth teams who are stepping on their heels to their more experienced colleagues.


One of the volleyball players of the student youth team in Kazan, Russia


Girls from the city of Odintsovo more than once became the objects of our attention. No wonder! After all, their short shorts and bright shape attract attention. Among course, Elizaveta Kotova  No. 13 stands out.



№1 Olga Efimova (team Zarechye-Odintsovo Moscow region)
Height: 182 cm
Year of birth: 1990
Role: Passing


This cute volleyball player is also a member of the student youth team.


During the game, girls often have to fall to the floor. Therefore, such frames are not uncommon. That’s why we love women’s volleyball so much! Is not it?



Young volleyball player stretching before the match. Volleyball players have very powerful hips and buttocks.


Women’s Volleyball Team Sakhalin.
№6 Elena Tkacheva
Height: 182 cm
Year of birth: 1989
Ampoule: gamer



Women’s volleyball club Dynamo Moscow.
№16 Helena Havelkova
Height: 186 cm
Year of Rodeneje: 1988
Ampoule: gamer


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