Superfight – The Hybrid vs King of Kung Fu

Hybrid vs King of Kung Fu

UFC FIGHT NIGHT Tournament at Moda Center, Portland United States on April 11, 20. Naturally in empty stands. It is clear for what reason (corona virus). And at this tournament a spectacular fighter from Dagestan, Russia – Muslim Salikhov, nicknamed the King of Kung Fu, will fight.
His opponent will also be no less, maybe even a more spectacular fighter – Nico Price, nicknamed the Hybrid. Who does not know, Price was marked by almost the only knockout in the history of mixed martial arts with his fists from the prone position, that is, to the defense position. Niko’s career is going on quite successfully, recently with varying success. The last 4 fights he won – 2 won, 2 lost. The fighter is interesting, creative.
There is Salikhov on a series of three victories, in the UFC his record is 4-1-0.
In general, an interesting two representatives of shock types of warfare await us. Both fighters have a knockout punch. Price most likely on earth has more experience. Perhaps his tactics will drag Salikhov into the fight.

I also remind you that after his last fight, after a match interview, Salikhov challenged Lee Jing Liang to the fight.
Characteristics of a fighter Muslim Salikhov site Sher Dog:



And here is the Muslim Salikhov’s training, laid out by him on his Instagram page:


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