Super League Volleyball Championship: Zarechye-Odintsovo VS Yenisei

Three girls from the Yenisei team are lying on the floor.

The match of the Russian Super League Volleyball Championship among women’s teams Odintsovo Zarechye and Yenisei city of Krasnoyarsk was held in the city of Odintsovo, Moscow Region.
The starting line-up of the Yenisei team:
# 1 Yana Datsiy
# 7 Irina Klemanova
№9 Frolova Maria – team captain
№10 Anastasia Samoylenko
No. 11- Evgeniya Sekacheva
No. 12 Evgeniya Shcheglova
No. 14 – Irina Felishtinskaya
No. 15 – Svetlana Kozyr
№16 Anastasia Pestova
No. 18 Yulia Brovkina
No. 17 Alexandra Peretyatko
№19 Sofya Pisarevskaya
№20 Karina Simonova
Young girls play as part of a team from Krasnoyarsk.
The starting line-up of the Zarechye-Odnitsovo team:
№1 Natalia Dumcheva
No. 2 Alevtina Kuraeva
No. 3 Svetlana Chesnokova
№4 Polina Matveeva
# 7 Tatiana Prosvirina
No. 8 Veronika Stasilevich
No. 9 Inna Krug
No. 11 Anna Palmova
№ 12 Maria Kachan
№13 Anastasia Podoshvina
No. 14 Yulia Korenchuk
Yulia Brovkina suffered a leg injury in the third set and was unable to continue the game.


Anastasia Pestova warms up before the game.

Warming up and stretching your muscles is essential before a game. Volleyball warm-up, especially for women’s teams, often takes place in a supine position. They help prepare the body of athletes for the upcoming stress. Increases muscle elasticity. Which in turn helps to reduce injuries. The warm-up usually begins in tracksuits to keep warm. In the warm-up, the focus is on the accuracy of the exercises, it is also important not to get injured during the warm-up, so the movements must first be performed smoothly and carefully.


Twenty-year-old Tatiana Prosvirina from the Zarechye-Odnitsovo team stretches the muscles of the legs and back before the game.


Veteran Irina Klemanova from Yenisei demonstrates a good stretch.


One of the youngest players on the court – Yana Datsiy №1 – is the libero of the Yenisei team, she is 19 years old.


Yana Datsiy №1 – is the libero of the Yenisei team


Yana Datsiy №1 – is the libero of the Yenisei team


The star of the match is Yulia Brovkina. Her powerful attacks helped the team until she suffered an ankle injury in the third set.


Experienced Yulia Korenchuk from the District knows how to prepare for the match.


The composition of the Yenisei women’s volleyball team is in formation.


Yulia Korenchuk serves the ball.


Fragment of the match. Attack of the Yenisei team, the girls from the District are preparing to receive.


Powerful Evgenia Shcheglova, despite her short height of 176 cm, jumps high above the net.


# 13 Anastasia Podoshvina is attacking.


Bench for the Yenisei team. Girls cannot sit still because of the worries about the game. №20 – Karina Simonova, height – 182 cm, age – 19 years.


Emotions of Simonova Karina.



Anastasia Pestova, in her repertoire, works for the audience while lying on the parkie.


Promising girl Yulia Brovkina takes the ball.


Yulia Brovkina on the bench cannot participate in the game due to a leg injury. What long legs she has!


Yulia Brovkina is preparing to enter the game despite her injury, as the team is losing.


Yana Datsiy selflessly rushes to the ball with a fall, which is why the girl comes out in the starting lineup of the Yenisei.


Successful actions of the girls from the Yenisei.


Yana Datsy in action.


The fall of the girl from the Zarechye-Odnitsovo team and a good shot. Thanks to the director!


The player of the Zarechye-Odnitsovo team lies beautifully on the playing court.


Karina Simonova attacks podiagonals.



Team spirit is of great importance in the game.

The Zarechye Odintsovo team won with a score of 3: 1.

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