Sergei Pavlovich: I prepared for this tournament with Alexander Volkov

Sergey Pavlovich Alexander Volkov UFC FIGHT NIGHT St Petersburg

Very soon, on April 20, the next UFC coming to Russia will take place in St. Petersburg. The card will be headed by Alexander Volkov, who will beat over Alistar. Also at the tournament will perform Russian heavyweight fighter Sergei Pavlovich, who in his past fight unsuccessfully opposed veteran Alistair Overeem. Losing him a knockout in round 1.
Sergey your next opponent will be a rather unknown guy – dark horse Marcelo Golm. 7 fights of all, with two extreme fights lost. What do you say about him?
Looked at his fights, looked at the statistics. We disassemble the opponent, I prepare, I train, therefore on April 20 everything will be clear.
In your last fight with Overeem, what went wrong?
Actually prepared, everything was fine. It happens, we have such a sport. Made work on the bugs. Now I will move forward.
Will you not underestimate the opponent as with the Overeem?

Sergey Pavlovich_ Alexander Volkov in octagon
There is no underestimation of the opponent there, everything is very serious. This is a heavy weight, influenced by many factors. I’m ready to feel good. It remains only to fight on April 20.
Sergey could have started the Ascent to the UFC with such a fighter as Marcelo Golm, and not with Overeem?
There are two opinions. If I refused to fight. There would be some questions that I would ask myself. That is, I received an offer, and I did not refuse.
Sergey and was there any other rival besides Overeem?
 There was such a situation that I did not fight for one year. And it was not in the contract with any organization. I needed to perform. And before that, at the Moscow tournament 2 weeks before I received an offer. But I refused because I had an injury. This time – the second time it was impossible to refuse.

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