Russian volleyball – the most chic legs since the beginning of 2020

Girls from the women's volleyball club "Tulitsa"

In connection with the epidemic, the crown of the virus, the games of the Russian volleyball championship were canceled, the 2019-2020 season is closed. We present to your attention the best legs of the Russian volleyball season 2019-2020.

Exercise “bar” – a favorite exercise of all athletes and volleyball players as well. It trains the muscles of the abdomen and hips and buttocks. Therefore, the girls are so smart and sexy.



Girls from the women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa” (the city of Tula, Russia) are warming up on the running ladder. She develops coordination of movements and speed of legs.
№3 Zhanna Kaskova (forward)
Height: 177 cm
Year of birth: 1994



Women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa” (Tula, Russia)
№7 Daria Korbasova (game player)
Height: ______ cm
Year of birth:


In attack the player of the female volleyball club “Tulitsa” (city of Tula, Russia)
No. 6 Bohumila Barda (forward)
Height: 190 cm
Year of birth: 1999


Women’s volleyball club “UZGU ATOM” Kursk region



Women’s volleyball club “Zarechye-Odintsovo” (Moscow region)
№1 Olga Efimova (passive)
Height: 182 cm
Year of birth: 1990


Women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa” (Tula region)






Youth volleyball tournament, girls celebrate victory.


Women’s volleyball club “Minchanka” (Minsk city, Republic of Belarus)


Women’s volleyball club “Minchanka” (Minsk city, Republic of Belarus)

№2 Natalya Dumcheva
Height: 195 cm
Year of birth: 1992


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