Russian volleyball beauties quarantine

Sexual Russian volleyball player Maria Alubina

Finally, the world of sports is reviving a little bit again. And we are very interested in what the Russian quarantine volleyball players were doing. As it turned out, big sport is slowly returning to their lives. But the girls did not sit all this time on the couch, eating burgers, but kept fit. And as you can see, they have become more feminine and beautiful. The girls spent time in the cottages, the beach and were very prettier.
We present to your attention one of the sexiest volleyball players of Russian women’s volleyball.


Varvara Shepeleva – libero from the team Severyanka Russian women’s major volleyball league. Her height is 181 cm, she is only 18 years old. What a shred it is!



Maria Vonogova – still an idin player of the Severyanka volleyball club, plays in a diagonal position. She is 31 years old, height – 190 cm.


ESENIA MISHAGINA – player of the Krasnodar Women’s Volleyball Super League volleyball club. Her height is -178 cm. The girl is only 20 years old.


Elizabeth ZAYONCHKOVSKAYA – beach volleyball player, multiple winner of various cups. Born in 1998, hometown of Moscow.


Tatyana KadochkinaDynamo Kazan volleyball club player, No. 17 and player of the Russian national volleyball team. The girl is only 17 years old, her height is already 192 cm.



Former player of Dynamo Moscow Volleyball ClubAnna Lazareva. Last season, Anna played the French League, this season she was signed by an idin from Azit clubs. In the photo on the Cote d’Azur. Anna


Beach volleyball player – Nadezhda Makroguzova. While the girl without playing practice. The girl is 23 years old, her height is 183 cm. She still has everything ahead. Her regular partner, Svetlana Kholomina, dropped out of the competition due to injury and is undergoing recovery.




Valeria Safonova – player of the NTMK Uralochka volleyball club. The girl is 28 years old, her height is 184 cm.

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