Russian girls volleyball players – the main stand

Russian volleyball player - basic stance

As in any mobile volleyball team game, there is a basic stance, from which the basic game actions begin, such as: attack, block, reception, movement, serve. Consider a volleyball rack using the example of, of course, beautiful Russian girls volleyball players. The stance can be low, medium and high. The main attention in the stand should be paid by the player to the preparation for receiving the ball and to think over his further actions depending on his playing position and playing situation.
In the stance for the greatest readiness to receive the ball, the player should bend his knees and place them slightly wider than the shoulders, or much wider with a low stance for greater stability. Hands should be at the ready raised in front of the face or over the head, there are often cases when players, with their hands down or distracted, received a strong blow to the face with the ball.


Girl player from the volleyball club Sakhalin at number 18 – Kristina Vdovina, a girl of 19 years old and her height is 187 cm. The girl stands slightly bent forward, her hands at the ready in front of her. This is a great stance – ready for a medium ball.


No. 6 Elena Tkacheva (Sakhalin Volleyball Club). Elena is not quite ready to receive the ball, as her hands are down, but she is eagerly awaiting a serve from an opponent.


In this photo, the girl is perfectly ready to receive the ball: her hands are up, her legs are bent. In this position, the girl can take the serve slightly above her belt.


Here the team’s libero is waiting for a low and strong serve. The back is arched, the buttocks are directed back.


Professional volleyball players often neglect the basic stance. Girl number 9 – Svetlana Masaleva (volleyball club Sparta), her height – 171 cm.


Elizaveta Kotova (Uralochka volleyball club), height 186 cm, age -22 years.


The girl player is ready to receive a low flying ball, she may even have to jump for the ball, so her hands are down.


Lowest stance in volleyball – the player squats and rests on his hands. In this stance, the player is ready to dip the ball just before it lands on the floor.

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