Girls from the Russian women’s volleyball Super League

Girls from the volleyball club "Uralochka".

Russian girls from the women’s volleyball Super League. The game of beauties from clubs Uralochka (Chelyabinsk) and Dynamo (Moscow).

Young diagonal Anna Klimets. Even its models envy its magnificent forms.

Charming Daria Talysheva (Dinamo Moscow) is always positive and in good shape.

Cutie Romanova Tatiana in a game worthless fighter.

SlimKsenia Paraubets is the best player of the team and a player of the Russian national team.

Young diagonal Anna Klimets.

In this rack volleyball girl players look even better.

Seductive Helena Khovelkova (Dinamo Moscow) is always ready to accept delivery.

The girls from the Uralochka volleyball club have the most outspoken and seductive form.

No. 4 – Diana Balay. The booty of this Russian volleyball player is something!

No. 4 – Russian volleyball player  Diana Balay.

Daria Talysheva (Dinamo Moscow)

Cute girls from the Uralochka volleyball team.

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