Petr Yan UFC 238: Face to face. I always perform spectacularly

Petr Yan UFC 238: prefight interview

Petr “No mercy” Yan before the fight with Jimie Rivera at UFC 238 said he wanted to end the fight early. Face to face, the opponents did not show disrespect for each other. On the media day, Petr gave an interview and his vision of the upcoming fight.

What feelings did you have before the debut fight and what feelings do you feel now?
How much do your emotions differ before and after the debut fight?
The debut was a year ago. Debut was certainly more responsible. There was an emotional load. At the moment I feel much more relaxed than during the first fight. Therefore, everything is fine. Now I already understand why I am here, how much I am here and what to do.
What do you think about your opponent? Does he suit you stylistically?
An experienced opponent has long been advocating, stylistically, Rivera is convenient for me. I like opponents who go ahead, aggressive, trying to go into fraud. I believe in myself and I understand that I can cope with it. I did not get used to tuning myself in another way.

Do you have the task to show a spectacular fight?
I always perform spectacularly. I go out and fight what I have inside, so I have no doubt that this fight will be less spectacular than the previous ones. Of course I will try to finish it ahead of time. Stuff that head and move on to the next head.

What are your plans for this year?
Let’s see how the fight goes. In general, it is the work of managers. I think I will rest a little after the fight.

Face to face Petr Yan vs Jimie Rivera video


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