January rating of Russian girls volleyball players with the most beautiful and sexy buttocks and hips

January rating of Russian girls volleyball players with the most beautiful and sexy buttocks and hips

Another rating of girls volleyball players with the most beautiful and inflated buttocks and hips. In January, volleyball players of the student, who are the majority in this collection, distinguished themselves. The lack of large salaries does not prevent them from looking cooler than their counterparts from adult championships such as the Russian Women’s Volleyball Super League and the Higher Women’s Volleyball League. In general, January in this regard came to fame. See for yourself.



On the 30th place of our rating, volleyball player under No. 3 from the Moscow region at the women’s student championship



At the 29th place, a girl volleyball player in red hot uniform, the student championship



28th place at the volleyball student girl in a cool blue uniform and shorts in the form of a skirt



27th place goes to the volleyball player from the youth team Dynamo Metar at number 5



The 26th place was played by the volleyball player of the girl from the NTMK Uralochka youth team, who curved her back so nicely



25th place goes to the volleyball player from the Ufimochka team Ufa city under No. 5 Polina Drogomeretskaya, with neat buttocks pumped up



24th place of a volleyball player with beautiful long legs, a little bit not reaching the ball



No. 23 – back view of a pretty woman jumping for the ball



22nd place at Diana Balay from the women’s volleyball club Uralochka. Her height is 180 cm, year of birth – 1997



21st place at Yana Manzyuk under No. 4 from Dynamo Moscow. Her height is 191 cm, year of birth – 1992



No. 20 – at a volleyball player of a girl from the Uralochka NTMK youth team



19th place for a girl under No. 11 from the youth composition of the women’s volleyball club Lokomotiv



18th place in sensual volleyball player with a beautiful figure lying on the floor



No. 17 – a volleyball player from the youth team Uralochka NTMK stretching before the match



16th place is again our friend, who is also located on 19th place



No. 15 – again she is from the NTMK Uralochka youth team



In 14th place there are two girls from the Lipetsk team playing in the women’s major volleyball league – No. 2 – Valeria Kharlova, No. 14 – Anastasia Bekhtereva



13th place in girls in feulette tight-fitting shorts



Inna Kruk is in the 12th place from the youth team in the Moscow Region, she is 18 years old, 181 cm is growth



On the 11th place Ksenia Strekhina No. 7 from the youth team Sakhalin, she is 20 years old, 184 cm growth



On 10th place is Lauren Carlini No. 1 from the Dynamo Moscow women’s volleyball club, born in 1995, 185 cm – height



9th place for a cute athlete from the youth team Uralochka NTMK



8th place – the Sakhalin team has a youth squad, player number 21 is Ekaterina Korovaeva, height 191 cm



The student’s inflated buttocks were placed in 7 places, and she also played for the youth team of Sakhalin – No. 15 – Schukina Alina, her height is 197 cm



On the 6th place, a slender young player from the team of YUZGU Atom of Kursk



In the middle of dozens of ratings, a girl from the youth of Dynamo Metar – Evgenia Basakova



4th place was taken by a volleyball player doing stretching in a sexual pose from the NTMK Uralochka youth team



3rd place – Eva Schwartz from the team Tyumen-TyumGU-2, her height is 175 cm



In second place is a girl in a super sexy pose flexing her lower back



And finally, the winner of the January ranking with the most beautiful and inflated buttocks and hips – Maria Myasnikova, Sakhalin youth team. Her height is 166 cm, she is 20 years old. And who would you put in 1st place?

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