Ivan Shtyrkov want to change the weight category

Ivan "The Ural Hulk" Shtyrkov

Russian MMA fighter Ivan Shtyrkov nicknamed “The Ural Hulk” said that he wanted to change the weight category from 93 kg to 84 kg. Recall that Ivan was to have a fight at UFC St. Petersburg, but the fighter had to withdraw from the fight due to health problems. Also, there is still a big question regarding the endurance of Shtyrkov due to his large muscle mass. Is it enough for 3, 4, 5 rounds? This is what Ivan himself said:

“I am ready to take the fight on a short notice. Four weeks will be enough for me to reach the peak of the form. The main question is that I decided to leave 84 kg. It takes a lot of time and effort to competently keep myself comfortable weight, which will be safe for health to approach sgonki. It takes time to get used to it. ”

“With health, everything is fine. I am already preparing and training. I didn’t want it to work that way. But the decision was for the leadership. Once they said that you shouldn’t go to a fight, it means no.”

“I cannot say that my career goes to the UFC belt. Although it’s not for nothing that they say that the soldier who doesn’t dream of becoming a general is bad. But you need to earn this right and grow as a fighter, and not just yell:“ Give me a title fight I want it. “But the UFC is not just a chessboard or a table where you are, just by defeating opponents, you will reach the title. UFC is a business and management machine. You can kill the entire division, but nobody will give you a belt.”

Ivan "The Ural Hulk" Shtyrkov

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