Hottest Moments of the Women’s Collegiate Volleyball Championship November 2021

Graceful Russian student volleyball player

We present to your attention the hottest moments of the women’s student volleyball championship in November 2021. Youth and enthusiasm, energy and unyielding – you will find all this in this selection of Russian female volleyball students who will later become professional players. And they will delight us with their results.
Student women’s volleyball differs from professional volleyball by obstinacy and much more lively emotions. Since the girls have not yet learned the taste of victories and the bitterness of defeat. Female volleyball players differ from their professional colleagues in less muscle mass and more graceful figures, more outlined lines of the hips and legs. The fire in the eyes of these young female volleyball students makes us understand that they will not stop at nothing to achieve the highest results.


A student volleyball player in tight shorts of the women’s volleyball club Yenisei made a pass to her teammates


A young student volleyball player with long graceful hair braided into a braid attacks opponents.


Sofya Pisarevskaya
Height -184 cm
Age – 19 years old
Game Position – Wing Spiker


Female volleyball players expect an attack from their opponents


A Russian student did a jug back on a volleyball court.


Russian volleyball player kneels on her hands during the student championship match.


A student girl lies on a volleyball court, upset by an unsuccessful action.


A young student volleyball player stretches her back muscles before the match.


Volleyball player born in 2000 expects accolades in her address.


Daria Korbasova (Russian student volleyball player)
Age – 19 years old
Height – 183 cm


A beautiful volleyball player in a short skirt-shorts is ready to attack her opponents at the match.


Graceful Russian student # 15 repulsed the attack of her rivals in a beautiful lunge.


Year of birth – 2001
Height -175 cm


Yana Datsiy (Enisey team)
Position – libero
Height -168 cm
Age – 20 years

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