Damir Ismagulov summoned to fight Zubaira Tukhugov

Damir Ismagulov summoned to fight Zubaira Tukhugov

Russian UFC fighter Damir Ismagulov of Kazakh origin from the team of “New Stream” Alexander Shlemenko summoned a fighter from the team of Khabib Nurmagomedov – Zubaira Tukhugov. Recall that Tukhugov was disqualified by the athletic commission for a fight after the fight Nurmagomedov – McGregor.

Zubayra, I heard that you have not yet found an opponent for the tournament in Abu Dhabi and you called Ricardo Lamas to fight, but as far as I know his jaw is broken and it will not be available. I also really want to speak at a tournament in Abu Dhabi. Nothing personal and no treshtok, this is now too much in the UFC, just sports interest and no more. You come back after idle time, and for the first time I am ready to drive on 66 kg. I respect you and your sporting achievements, let’s show the world the confrontation of two masters of martial arts and how rivals can respect each other and at the same time show a beautiful fight. I am sure it will be interesting to all.

Tukhugov has not fought on a serious level since May 2016. His last fight was a fight against Renato Carneiro, which ended in a split decision not in favor of the Tukhugov. Renato Carneiro, in turn, lost recently at the UFC Fight Night 154 to the Korean zombie by TKO. Judging by the instagram of Tukhugov, he kept himself in shape all this time. Tukhugov is now 28 years old and he performs in the featherweight category, and Ismagulov is in the lightweight category.
Ismagulov called his opponent to fight through the social network instagram as it is now accepted by the fighters. The fighter said that for the sake of fight with the Tukhugov he would descend into his weight category. The fight according to the plan of the fighter should be held in Abu Dhabi at UFC 242.
Response from the team Tukhugov not yet followed. Is this fight interesting at all for Tukhugov? After all, Ismagulov just started his way to the UFC and does not show super spectacular fights. The fight with Ismagulov will not bring either fame or money to Tukhugov, unlike Ismagulov who is interested in this fight. Since Tukhugov is a close friend of Khabib Nurmagomedov.
Fighting without a thrash-talk and with the utmost respect of the fighters for each other is, of course, gentlemanly, but sales from such a fight are unlikely to be achieved. For this fight is not interesting. Can Ismagulov learn from Petr Yan how to call an opponent to fight on Instagram?
We are waiting for a response from the team of Zubaira Tuhugov.
In general, in my opinion, the UFC signed too many fighters. Many of them have long downtime without fights. Which of course negatively affects their fighting experience and skills, as well as the mental side of their personality. Recently, it has been noted that the UFC gives fights only to interesting and entertaining fighters who show interesting fights. Take the same Petr Yan, who in one year spent in UFC 5 fights. After all, there are other good fighting organizations. For example, the same Bare Knuckle FC gained good momentum thanks to well-known Russian Artem “Russian hammer” Lobov.

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