Ball reception by Russian girls volleyball players

Ball reception is an essential element of defensive action in volleyball. Two-handed bottom-up ball reception in modern volleyball is the main method of ball reception. Next, we will consider the reception of the ball by girls by Russian volleyball players. At low intake, it is especially clear how strong their buttocks and hips are. This is very important for high jumping volleyball players.
Also applied ball techniques in the fall after lunges. These techniques are often performed with one hand. It often looks like a ball rescue. Rescuing the ball in the fall looks very impressive, especially in the performance of beautiful volleyball players.


In the photo Yana Datsiy is the libero of the women’s volleyball team Yenisei city of Krasnoyarsk. The girl’s height is 168 cm, she is 19 years old.



Russian volleyball player Yana Datsiy – receiving the ball while falling.


In the photo, Russian volleyball player Kristina Kurnosova No. 6 is the libero of the Uralochka NTMK team. Her height is 173 cm, girl born in 1997. Christina is a member of the Russian national volleyball team. She is the winner of the gold medal at the 2019 Universiade in Naples Italy as part of the Russian women’s team.


Kristina Kurnosova – receiving the ball in a jump.


Kristina Kurnosova – receiving the ball on the floor.



Volleyball player Kristina Kurnosova in a swimsuit on vacation with her friends (second left).


Russian volleyball player Olga Efimova №1 player of the women’s team Tulitsa. She plays in the position of the center blocker. Her height is only 175 cm, she is 23 years old. Olga’s previous club was Zarechye-Odintsovo. Olga is a very active and athletic girl, she loves training.
In the photo Olga Efimova takes the ball from below and kicks it back over herself.


Olga takes the ball from below, falling on one knee.


Russian beauty Olga Efimova in a swimsuit relaxing by the pool.


Olga Efimova’s home workout during a pandemic.


In photo # 18, Kristina Vdovina is a player of the Sakhalin Volleyball Club Main Liga “A”. The girl’s height is 187 cm, she is 19 years old.


Christina Vdovina – taking the ball.


Russian girls volleyball players in skirts instead of shorts receiving the ball from below with two hands.


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