Attacking blows of Russian volleyball players

Attacking blows of Russian girls volleyball players

We have selected for you the most beautiful and hot moments of attacks by Russian volleyball players over the past month. To make a strong hit, volleyball players have to jump high above the net. For this, strong legs and high growth are trumpeted. Which of course Russian beauties have.


In the photo Vera Salikova from the volleyball club Proton (city of Saratov) shoots the ball from the top point in the attack. Her height is 186 cm, she is 31 years old.


A beautiful girl player with pumped up buttocks Diana Balay from the Sakhalin volleyball club. Her height is 180 cm, she is only 23 years old.


In the photo, Yulia Brovkina, a player of the women’s volleyball club Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk), is attacking, her height is already 190 cm! The girl is only 19 years old. She plays at number 18.


A non-force attack of the girl, a strong swing was previously made, as if to deliver a strong blow. When opponent’s defenders block, a soft dodging blow is made over the block.


In the photo, the player of the Tulitsa volleyball club – Tatiana Afrikanskaya makes an attack with a dodge blow. Her height is 185 cm, date of birth – 1993.


In the attack, Yaroslava Symonenko is a player of the Proton club (city of Saratov). Her height is 190 cm, she is 24 years old.


Diana Balay is on the attack again.


Tulitsa team attack.


№4 Shkurikhina EkaterinaDynamo Metar volleyball club. Height – 190 cm, 24 years old.


Again Yaroslava Symonenko, attacks over the block.


During the attack, many players take the form of a bow titiv, bending their legs backward and arching their back and body backward along with the striking hand to strengthen the blow. Attacking №7 Valeria Shevchuk, FVC Dynamo Metar, her height – 183 cm, Age – 19 years.

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