Anastasia Pestova: you can play lying down too

Anastasia Pestova # 16

Anastasia Pestova # 16, a fan of the women’s volleyball club Yenisei of the Russian Women’s Super League, who likes to lie down on parquet. Plays as a libero. The girl is 23 years old. After each fall in the game, she is drawn to lie down on the floor. In the last game against the Odintsovo District team, Nastya fell on the floor 8 times, not counting the warm-up. In total, Nastya lay on the floor for 3 minutes and 22 seconds in this game. What can not be said, but it lies beautifully, and even better it rises. Soon, fans will recognize her only by her rear view, the girl is so fond of her emotions and sexy tattoos on her thigh.



Nastya likes to lie on her side, showing off her legs and buttocks.


And this is Pestova stretching the muscles of the thighs during the warm-up.


And this is Nastya resting on her back on the playground right during the game.


Again Nastya is on her side from a different angle.


And this is Nastya – on her stomach.


Pestova looks back at her partners, how should I get up?


Anastasia finally gets up. You have to play.




Pestova thought about lying on the floor.


Nastya gets up just amazing. Beauty!!!


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