Alexey Oleynik is negotiating the next fight

Alexey "Boa" Oleynik

UFC fighter veteran Alexey Oleynik announced that his manager is in talks on the next match. As Oleynik said in a fight with Overeem, he received a broken ribs, but now he feels well.

Physically, I feel great, but, of course, a little upset about the result of the fight. So physically, everything is fine, but morally, there is sediment. Immediately after the fight, I was taken to the hospital, where they recorded two rib fractures from the punches of Alistair Overeem’s knee. But, in principle, this is not a problem, because my ribs break three or four times a year during sparring and training sessions, so I don’t pay much attention to them. ⠀
Probably, you can joke that “Boa” has a lot of ribs, it would crawl, but you have to jump, jump, and even fight. I have no medical removal, just yesterday I took an x-ray, which showed that the ribs were already overgrown and I could fight. Now I am negotiating the next fight, I asked to give me a fight as soon as possible. They promised me that in July I would have a duel, and maybe even a little earlier.

Were they broken? They say that if the ribs are broken, it is even painful to breathe, and he is still going to train.

Alexey Oleynik vs Alistair Overeem full fight video.

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