Alexey Oleynik: “At one time we trained with Overeem”

Alexey Oleynik

Alexey Oleynik, who became Alistair Overeems’ opponent on April 20, UFC Russia after the injury of Alexander Volkov, gave an interview:

“I myself do not exactly know how it happened. 10-12 hours ago, they wrote to me from the UFC: are I ready to fight with Overeem in the main battle of the tournament in St. Petersburg. I did not think long – and almost immediately agreed. Then they sent me a contract – and a few hours ago I signed it. I repeat: there was no doubt. Because if you choose between Alistar Overeem and Walt Harris, the choice is obvious. The fight with Overeem is more honorable: for many years he has been in the top 10 fighters of the world, he is a former K-1 champion, he defeated many famous fighters ”

“At one time we trained with Overeem, and I almost never managed to take him away. Brand strangulation on it, too, could not be done. There are two weeks to figure out how to beat him. ”

“Not. Here, from the extraordinary, I only get the name of the opponent. Why they offered it to me – probably because I told the UFC from September 2018 that I was ready to go to any fight and any substitution if I needed an opponent to be a top 10 fighter. This is the chance that appeared. A very interesting challenge awaits me. Moreover, with the change of the opponent, everything changed: minus two weeks to prepare, instead of a left-handed right-hander, instead of an opponent who does not beat his knees, an opponent who has very dangerous knees. That is, what I have been cooking for a long time under Walt Harris will not work at all in a fight with Overeem. ”

“When I hear this question, I immediately have a scene from the movie“ Troy ”. “I saw your rival: he is terrible, huge, I would never go against him.” – “Because you will live your life as the unknown”. I am almost 42 years old. All my life I took challenges. This is the path of a normal strong fighter. It turns out, it does not work – he relentlessly goes his own way “

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