Alexander Volkov: there are no consequences of knockout by Derrick Lewis

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Volkov

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Volkov talked about his knockout from Derrick Lewis, training and the next fight in the UFC. Recall that “Drago” lost to Derrick Lewis on OFC 229 in an almost won fight. But Lewis, known for his fists at the very end of 3 rounds, managed to knock out Volkov.

Is there any information on the next battle and what are you doing now in your free time?
“The break is already big. I train from the first day after arrival from the previous fight. I train, prepare for the next fight. Developing additional qualities that I think I lack to be more confident for the next fight. I plan to hold the fight in February, but so far there is no information about the date and the opponent. These are just my plans and my team. While negotiations are underway with the UFC.”
Do you want an immediate revenge with Derrick Lewis? Has a knockout somehow affected you? Will you fight the next match more carefully?
“Let’s see in the next battle how it affected. So far there are no consequences of knockout. Defeat is a push for development. Regarding the revenge, of course I’m interested in it. But I do not think that the UFC will give such an opportunity in the near future. In order for our fight to take place, I think Lewis and I need to have several fights.”
Will you spend your fees in the United States?
“I occasionally spend my fees in the States. Especially if acclimatization is required. Basically, I spend fees in the hall of the Black House. Now in Moscow they have created all the conditions for training. And sometimes we ourselves invite specialists to Moscow for training. When I perform in America, I leave about 1 month before the fight.”
Your friend MMA fighter Mikhail Zayats. Is he going to return to fight?
“Periodically, it returns to MMA. He recently fought in China. But since China is a rather closed country for broadcasting, this fight has not been consecrated anywhere. Before that, he had a duel in Finland. The problem for him now is to make a good fight for him. Now it’s a little forgotten. He is in good shape now; he has moved to the category of 83 kg out of 94. We are negotiating with the UFC team so that he can perform there next year.”

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