Alexander Volkov: I’m definitely not going to jump over the octagon after the fight

Alexander Volkov UFC FIGHT NIGHT St Petersburg Russia

Alexander “Drago” Volkov at the press conference devoted UFC FIGHT NIGHT St Petersburg Russia to April 20, answered questions from the press. Volkov is now ranked 5th in the heavy weight rating, and Alistair Overeem 6th. The last fight for Volkov was unsuccessful. He lost to Derrric Lewis at the end of the 3rd round of an almost won fight.

It is a great honor for me to lead the tournament in Russia. And with honor comes a great responsibility, so everything that depends on me, I will try to do. I have no escape route. I will go, I will fight.
When you started your way as a fighter, was Alistair Overeem an idol for you or was he just a fighter you were targeting?
I will tell you even more interesting fact. When Alistair Overee won his 1 pro fight, I spent my 1 amateur fight at 11 years old. That is, between us there really is a gap in the generations of speeches, in the generations of fighters. I will naturally worry. I will very much wait for this fight. Alistair Overeem was one of my favorite fighters. I have been following him for a long time as an MMA fighter, as a K-1 fighter who became a champion. For menga this fight will be a kind of test. What I have achieved during this time.
What are you going to do if Alistair Overeem starts to deal with you, post some funny photos about you and so on?
I do not know what I will do. But I’m definitely not going to jump over the octagon after the fight and beat its seconds. And so if it stirs interest, then let it be.
Fight with Overeem. How much does he promote you in the UFC rankings, does he approach the title fight?
Overeem is probably now one of the most titled fighters in the world, a veteran, a big name with him. Victory over him will help me close my previous unsuccessful performance. Of course, I do not count on the title chance immediately if it happens. But one victory after that I will be enough for me to fight for the belt. It will also depend on how the fight goes. But in this respect, Overeem fits very well. He is a drummer, textured, shows spectacular fights. From this point of view, this will be a very useful fight for me. In Russia, Overeem is very popular. Accordingly, the fight will attract a lot of attention. The UFC made the right choice by putting this opponent against me.

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