Youth and beauty – youth volleyball championship among girls

Russian youth volleyball championship among girls

The final of the youth volleyball championship between the teams of girls from the Moscow region against the girls from the Vologda region was held in Russia. Female students from the Vologda Oblast were stronger. Despite the age of girls 18-19 years old, they already have good experience. Some of them may get into professional clubs.
The youth and beauty of girls make this sport even more spectacular.
We present to your attention a selection of photos from this game. Enjoy the beautiful young Russian volleyball players. Enjoy watching!

Young volleyball player in a protective stance prepares to take the ball


Volleyball players from the team of the Vologda region. White-black uniform and skirts look very nice on young girls.









Volleyball players from the team of the Moscow region. Warm up and stretch before the game









Volleyball player from the Vologda Oblast team attacks










Girl volleyball player from the Moscow Oblast team. Innings









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