Women’s volleyball season started: Sakhalin – Dynamo Metar

Valentina Samarina Sakhalin VC

Finally, the women’s volleyball season has begun. The teams of course have been updated after a long season and will need to get to know the players again. The girls rested, prettier. It’s about a hot game on the court. The season began with the play of the teams Sakhalin from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in Russia and Dynamo Metar from Chelyabinsk. Most teams have updated kits.

Sakhalin women’s volleyball team


No. 9 Evgenia Bochkareva – the gamer. (Dynamo Metar)
Height – 185 cm
Date of birth – 1996


No. 6 Elena Tkacheva is a gamer. (Dynamo Metar)
Height – 182 cm
Date of birth – 1989




No. 4 Ekaterina Shkurikhina – central blocker. (Dynamo Metar) is a young addition to the team.
Height – 190 cm
Date of birth – 1996


Sakhalin women’s volleyball team

Unfortunately, the women’s volleyball club Sakhalin has left the super league and will play in the highest women’s volleyball league in Russia this season. But we will not stop following the girls’ play.

The first is the team’s libero – No. 1 Olga Frolova
Height – 180 cm
Date of birth – 1996



No. 18 Daria Malygina – diagonal. (Sakhalin)
Height – 202 cm
Date of birth – 1994


No. 4 Anna Chernitsova (on the right in the photo) – libero. (Sakhalin)
Height – 160 cm
Date of birth – 2003


# 8 Sofya Bukhanovskaya is still a young addition to the team.
Height – 183cm
Date of birth – 2004



Sakhalin team girls discuss mistakes and correct the game

No. 18 Christina Vdovina (Sakhalin)
Height – 187 cm
Date of birth – 2001

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