Sparta Youth vs Tulitsa – Women’s Volleyball

Girl player of volleyball club Sparta in attack

Zhanna Kaskova №13

– player of the women’s volleyball club Sparta (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Zhanna is an experienced player and has a powerful serve despite her short height for volleyball – 176 cm. Her playing position is diagonal, the Girl is 26 years old.

And this is a warm-up and stretching from Zhanna Kaskova.



Elements of yoga from Zhanna Kaskova




Players of the women’s volleyball club Sparta – Elizaveta Kochurina No. 11 (height – 190 cm, 18 years old) and V. Akimova No. 15 (left, height – 197 cm, 18 years old). Elizaveta Kochurina is the leader of the team in terms of the number of successful blocks.


The captain of the Sparta team is Valeria Shatunova # 2. The girl is 26 years old, height -190 cm.


Another young player is Svetlana Gatina # 5. The girl is only 17 years old, her height is 190 cm. She is the youngest player in the team and one of the youngest in the championship.



And this is the expressive head coach of the women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa”.


Olga Efimova # 1 – center blocker of the Tulitsa women’s volleyball club. Her height is 175 cm, the girl is 23 years old.






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