Volleyball player girls do stretching

Russian girls do volleyball stretching

Warming up and stretching before exercise are very important. Every sportsman knows this. Without stretching you can get serious injuries in the process of training or playing. Let’s see how Russian girls do volleyball stretching. What is interesting, many girls volleyball players warm up in the supine position. Their warm-up is more like a gymnast’s warm-up. What can not be said about the men of volleyball players who warm up more often as well as representatives of other sports games.
Some girls sometimes seem to like to just lie down before the game. It is very important for a volleyball player to stretch the leg muscles, as with high jumps you can get injured.
We present to your attention a selection of photos of gorgeous girls volleyball women at the Russian Women’s Volleyball Championship during warm-ups in the regular season 2018-2019.

Volleyball players – stretching legs

Valeria Safonova
Year of birth: 1992
Height: 183 cm.
Team: Lokomotiv (Kaliningrad, Russia)


Valeria Safonova russian volley


Valeria Safonova russian volley





Maria Kosyanenko
Year of birth: 2002
Height: 190 cm.
Team: Leningradka (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Perhaps the warm-up in women’s volleyball is even more interesting than the volleyball game itself. And what do you think?



Yuliya Podskal’naya

Year of birth: 1989
Height: 190 cm.
Team: Lokomotiv (Kaliningrad, Russia)



Victoria Bobrova
Year of birth: 1997
Height: 184 cm.
Team: Leningradka (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Team: Uralochka NTMK
Youth team



Elena Fedorinchik
Year of birth: 1993
Height: 179 cm.
Team: Minchanka (Minsk, Belarus)




Russian volleyball girl player



Julia Metchina
Year of birth: 2001
Height: 177 cm.
Team: Zarechye-Odintsovo (Moscow region, Russia)



Dynamo Volleyball Team, Russia
Youth team girls



Youth team volleyball






Pretty girl volleyball player before the game does stretching legs.








Maria Evteeva
Year of birth: 1998
Height: 175 cm.
Team: Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)



Volleyball players – back stretching

Alexandra Rogulina
Year of birth: 1995
Height: 188 cm.
Team: Sakhalin (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia)



And how do you like this stretching?









Not bad for a girl 190 cm tall.



Youth team volleyball






Volleyball players – relaxation



Daria Ryseva
Year of birth: 1998
Height: 175 cm.
Team: Lokomotiv (Kaliningrad, Russia)

It seems that the volleyball player before the game likes to just lie down.









Volleyball players – free exercise


Youth team volleyball



Youth team volleyball



She seems to be trying to admire herself.




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