Russian girls, volleyball Dynamo (Krasnodar) vs Sparta, highlights

The best moments of the match of the Russian Women’s Volleyball Super League of the 2020-2021 season between the teams Dynamo (Krasnodar) and Sparta (Nizhny-Novgorod). The game took place on the territory of a club from Krasnodar. Although, due to the pandemic, the club did not have support from the fans. In the region, there is a ban on visiting cultural and sports events. The girls of the Sparta team, unfortunately, could not offer serious resistance to their opponent.

Team line-up Sparta (Nizhny-Novgorod):

No. 1 Tatiana Markova
No. 2 Valeria Shatunova
No. 3 Yulia Sinitskaya
No. 4 Anastasia Stankyavichute
No. 5 Svetlana Gatina
No. 8 Maria Samoilova
No. 9 Svetlana Masaleva
No. 10 Anna Prosolova
No. 11 Elizaveta Kochurina
No. 13 Zhanna Kaskova
No. 18 Alina Podskalnaya

Dynamo (Krasnodar) team line-up:

No. 1 Angelina Lazarenko
No. 2 Ekaterina Pipunyrova
No. 3 Maria Perepelkina
No. 6 Tamara Zaitseva
No. 7 Maria Khaletskaya
No. 8 Svetlana Sukhoverkhova
No. 9 Vera Vetrova
No. 10 Ekaterina Lazareva
No. 11 Bohumila Byarda
No. 15 Olga Zubareva
No. 16 Rimma Goncharova
No. 17 Angelina Sperskaite
No. 18 Ekaterina Tretyakova
No. 20 Olga Zvereva


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