Russian beauties beach volleyball players at one of beaches in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian girls are not beach volleyball professionals

Passed another beach volleyball tournament at one of their beaches in St. Petersburg, Russia. The tournament is held every week. In it everyone can accept. The tournament is designed to promote volleyball and sports.
Girls and men of any age category take part. We present to your attention a photo selection of the tournament, held on June 22, 2019 with the participation of hot Russian beauties volleyball players.

These neat Russian girls are not professionals participating in our beach volleyball tournaments.



How do you like the shape of our girls volleyball players are not professionals. Not bad for amateurs!



Beach volleyball is very useful.



The sea of emotions and good – that’s what beach volleyball is.



Cute girl on the volleyball beach of St. Petersburg, Russia



Play beach volleyball and you will have the same toned butt like this beauty



Even large girls can play beach volleyball.



Beach volleyball allows girls not only to maintain a beautiful shape, but also to get a beautiful tan.



Beach volleyball is a very energy-intensive sport, because moving and jumping on the sand is much more difficult than on a solid surface.



That’s why men love to watch women’s beach volleyball!



Do not you think that it shows somewhere?



The height of the jump shows that girls are not professional volleyball players. After all, a professional jump can be more than half a meter!



In beach volleyball, sand allows girls to play a game without much concern for their safety by making a save by jumping and landing the whole body on the surface of the sand.



On all it is clear that the girl was tired, not only because of fatigue and but also because of the scorching sun.



Women’s beach volleyball is beauty and health.



Wonderful! You can watch it forever.



This guy was in a great situation on the beach.



Partner support is the most important thing in team sports such as beach volleyball.



Russian beauties at the beach volleyball court St. Petersburg, Russia



In volleyball it is sometimes difficult to determine who should take the ball.



Attack. There is no block. This is an amateur volleyball.



Even mature girls can play beach volleyball.



And this is our old friend. She looks great even at the end of the match.



In our beach volleyball tournaments, we also have unusual games with mixed pairs of girls and a guy in the same team.



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