Funny moments from russian women’s volleyball season 2019-2020

Nadezhda Stolyar (VC Minchanka) shows the language

In volleyball, as in any team game, funny moments often arise. Passions and emotions boil on the site. Girls often scream and hug, fly out of the court, argue with the referees. Emotionality helps players tune in to the game. It also causes interesting and funny situations.


How do you like this picture? Maybe she catches flies or raindrops with her mouth?


And then, as it were – “Hay”. Something from the Russian folk dance was performed by the player of the Tulitsa volleyball club


And then Alena Kirichenko №9 (height -180 cm, year of birth – 1997), a binder from the Ufimochka UGNTU volleyball club, opened her mouth so wide that some representatives of the most ancient profession would envy.


NTMK Uralochka, a volleyball club player, apparently imagined that she was at the dentist’s appointment.


You are amazed! How widely girls can open their mouths.


It seems that the player of the volleyball club “Sparta” Anna Prasolova №10 (height -100 cm, year of birth – 1999) sided with the rivals. And her teammates scream, like – “Hey, here!”. But she does not understand.


And this is possible and quite ridiculous – the girl got into the eye.


Shashkina Olga №8 (VC Sparta)
That’s what is called a hug, so a hug.


Women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa”
And then, like – “Ball, where are you going?”


Uralochka NTMK
It seems the arbiter will now get from Romanova #7 and Evdokimova #10


Looks good! How was the ball behind her?


Volleyball club “Sparta”
The girls decided to hold the ball with a look.


The demonstration of teeth in animals is considered to be a sign of health and strength.


Women’s volleyball club “South-West State University Atom (Kursk)”
Did you see my finger? – Victoria Bobrova No. 20


Girls volleyball club “Sparta” argue with the referee.


Volleyball club Uralochka NTMK
Apparently the ball was seriously scared – the player.


Picture- Volleyball player at the dentist’s appointment.


Ekaterina Evdokimova №10 (Uralochka NTMK)
These are the eyes!


Again Alena Kirichenko is a binder from the Ufimochka UGNTU volleyball club and her big mouth.


Women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa


Apparently the women’s volleyball club “Tulitsa” has a tradition – a tradition. Losers stand cancer.


Catches flies (VC Dinomo UOR, city of Kazan)


It seems that Master Yoda from star wars reincarnated in this girl from the Tulitsa volleyball club.

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