Alexander Povetkin agreed contract for the fight with Dillian White

russian boxer Alexander Povetkin

The team of russian boxer Alexander Povetkin for its part agreed on all the conditions of the contract for the fight with Dillian White, but there is no response from the British boxer yet.

“For us, the main goal is a fight with Dillian White. The Briton had repeatedly called Povetkin’s name, and now he was silent. We agreed to fight with White and agreed on all the terms of the contract on our part. Now we are waiting for the decision of the British, and we have been waiting for this answer for two weeks already” – said Vadim Kornilov, the manager of Povetkin on the phone.

There are opinions that Povetkin psychologically swims when he is pressed, Diontey will send Povetkin to sleep, Povetkin not to go neither Waeldher nor Joshua nor Fury  and even Usik. In vain Usik in heavyweights climbed his speed there will fall and there is no gun strike. Usik can be in heavyweights with Povetkin.

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